EXISTING/Approved volunteers

If you are approved to volunteer (which means you completed our application and have been approved) or you have volunteered with us before, you may sign up for any upcoming event, workshop series and/or camp.  PLEASE READ THESE UPDATED GUIDELINES BELOW:  

1) VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES can be viewed by clicking on the link to the right or CLICK HERE.

2) YOU MUST volunteer at least once during the Winter/Spring 2024 semester before volunteering for any of our Summer Camps.  Regardless if you are an existing volunteer and have done so before or are new- this is our guideline and feel it's important you experience the center with it's updated procedures and changes that we've made at the center & farm.  If there are no opportunities listed that work with your schedule, reach out to us and we will share some options of volunteering another time.

3) Sign-up on our EMAIL NEWSLETTER program to be notified as well- CLICK HERE

4) We also communicate about upcoming volunteer opportunities through our WHATSAPP group.  Join our group at this link only after you've been approved- WHATSAPP.

       5) Before arriving to your first event, download, print                   and sign the VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT and bring with             you to that event. This only needs to be done once.

       6) Make sure you order a volunteer T-shirt when you

       register for your first volunteer opportunity or bring                     $20. The t-shirts will be provided when you volunteer.

10) Remember why you are volunteering! You are a role model and there to assist our instructors but more importantly, you are there to encourage the young girls and boys.  You are not there to be on your cell phones, text your friends or take snapchat photos.  We have a strict rule on no cell phones during volunteering.  Please understand, you will be asked to leave if this rule is not followed.  If you need to text for a ride or for lunch, etc. Please ask for permission before doing so.

11) During most camps, events and workshops we have a volunteer duty checklist that we expect each volunteer to participate in.  That means that you ALL share in the duties of keeping our center looking great, setting up, cleaning up, etc.  That means that you take turns in vacuuming, mopping, sanitizing the tables/chairs, cleaning the bathrooms, taking our trash, etc.  It's a team effort!

       12) If you are a volunteer 18 years and older, we will require a background check completed through our                 provided at the expense of the volunteer. Along with the background check, we will ask for 3 references to             contact.

13) Lastly and most importantly...your role is to interact with the girls or boys.  That means you need to talk to them, ask them questions to learn more about them, encourage them and let them know their art projects look amazing. We know many of you will meet new friends and we love that.  But remember you are there 100% for the girls or boys.  If you are super shy and find this may be a challenge, let's discuss if this is the right volunteer opportunity for you.  We do have some things you can assist us with like organizing our supplies, cleaning and helping with our farm animals.

If you feel you can adhere to these guidelines, then we would LOVE to have you work with us.  We appreciate you all!

8) Please understand that there are times we may have to cancel some volunteers if we are low on registrations or if events must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, etc.  These cancellations may be within 24 hrs. of the event or sooner, so please understand this may happen.  

9) Please plan on staying for the entire volunteer opportunity.  Asking to leave early or come late, isn't fair to those that come for the entire time and do all the setting up and cleaning up.  If you can't come for the whole opportunity, please choose another one or don't sign up.

7) Only sign up for opportunities you can fulfill.  Signing up for too many opportunities, takes spots away from others.  It also takes admin