Our GIRLS WITH LEADERSHIP program empowers teen girls to achieve their goals, take responsibility for their lives by learning self-directed leadership skills so they can become strong confident young ladies. Girls will learn life skills that often take adults a lifetime to learn.  We offer workshops, events, camps and volunteer opportunities for girls in 6th-12th grades.

Topics Include:
Leadership Development, Social Media, Body Image, Nutrition & Wellness, Friendships & Peer Pressure, Communication Skills, Decision Making and Role Models. We offer a variety of venues and formats- workshops, events & camps.

Expected Results in participating in Girls With Leadership:

Leadership knowledge – attitude improvement – improved school performance & grades – better decision-making – improved relationships & conflict resolution & Confidence building.

HIGH SCHOOL (9th-12th)

YOUNG WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP COUNCIL- We are so excited to launch our new Girls With Leadership program just for girls in High School.  The Young Women’s Leadership Council meets once a month and will focus on 3 main areas: LEADERSHIP SKILLS, SERVICE & MENTORSHIP.

Topics covered will include:

  • Confidence Building
  • Effective Communication
  • Finding your strengths 
  • Career Exploration
  • Goal Setting
  • Networking and Self-Advocacy
  • Interview and Resume Writing Skills
  • Community Service

This program provides high school students the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for pursuing leadership roles during and once they leave high school. Members of the council will be involved in the planning and implementing a community service project as well as organizing and leading different sessions. Participants will learn from successful women in various careers and have the unique opportunity to be paired with a successful woman mentor who will share their knowledge and experience. This program will help prepare the young women for applying for summer jobs, internships and future careers beyond college.  

5th GRADE & MIDDLE SCHOOL                       

Our GIRLS WITH LEADERSHIP program for girls in 5th-8th offers 6-8 week workshop series which gives girls a comfortable environment to share and discuss things that are on their mind.  Often girls at this age are adamant about attending workshops, especially if they don't know other participants but they love it once they attend one. They often realize they are not alone in how they feel and other middle school girls have the same worries they do. 

Each week your teen girls will enjoy spending time together discussing age relevant topics that they may be experiencing challenges with. They get to share and hear from other peers. Our sessions are interactive, fun, engaging and thought provoking. Our plan is to work on an on-going creative project that the girls will love taking home on their last session. Your daughters can attend on their own or with a friend. 

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We offer volunteer opportunities at our workshops and camps for our Confident Girls program (K-5th grades). Volunteering helps your girls grow in their leadership abilities, become more responsible and learn to value "giving back".  If your daughter is interested in volunteering, click on the link above.