We couldn't be more excited about what we have in store for our CONFIDENT MOMS.   Our Confident Moms program will empower Moms with the knowledge and resources to be the BEST Mom they possibly can and to provide ideas on how to raise strong confident girls.  

confident Moms

Confident Moms will host several events, as well as casual get togethers called "Coffee With Confidence" and opportunities to volunteer with their daughters for any of our community service projects that we have lined up.  




All of our workshops follow a specific format that involves group discussions, fun activities or games, writing exercises, handouts outlining important tips for reinforcing at home and we always do a creative art project. Even if Moms are attending, we follow the same format as in our Confident Girls and Girls With Leadership programs.

Throughout the past 10 years since our inception, Girls With Confidence has offered a variety of resources and support for our Moms.  We know being a Mom has it's rewards and we also know being a Mom has it's challenges. We want to be there for you as a resource and to support you in any way we can.  If you need advise on how to handle a situation, what to say to your daughter, a therapist referral for your daughter, you or your family or just a recommendation on a good book to help you or your daughter, we are here to support you.

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