1. Please complete our VOLUNTEER APPLICATION.
  2. After you have submitted the Volunteer Application, call us at (813) 571-2002 or email us at info@girlswithconfidence.com to confirm your application was received and have a brief telephone interview. Please understand that we get a lot of requests to volunteer and therefore, we will leave it up to you to contact us for an interview.  

  1. Once approved, you will be added to our REMIND APP group and will receive communication on upcoming volunteer opportunities. 
  2. You may also check out our VOLUNTEER CALENDAR or VOLUNTEER LISTINGS VIEW to sign up to volunteer. Please note that some events only require a couple volunteers, so these fill up fast and we will not be able to add more spots once they fill up.  
  3. Before arriving to your first event, download, print and sign the VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT and bring with you to that event.  This only needs to be done once.
  4. Make sure you order a Girls With Leadership Volunteer T-shirt before your first volunteer opportunity, we will give it to you at that first event.  T-shirts can be purchased online when you sign up to volunteer.
  5. If you are a volunteer 18 years and older, we will require a background check completed through our provided at the expense of the volunteer.  Along with the background check, we will ask for 3 references to contact.

Thank you for choosing a path to give back and make a positive difference in these girls lives!



We love our volunteers and as we grow, we continue to need additional help, whether you are a participant in our Girls With Leadership program, a college student looking to do an internship with us or a young woman or mom looking to give back, we would love to get you involved.

It takes a special person and the right fit to be a volunteer with Girls With Confidence.  This role requires the volunteer to be a positive role model who can be encouraging and supportive with our participants.  It's not just about volunteering to get your community service requirements, it's so much more.  Our volunteers need to be kind, caring, compassionate, selfless and willing to work hard.  If chosen to volunteer with Girls With Confidence, it will be an experience you will treasure always.

If you think you would be a good mentor and volunteer with Girls With Confidence, here is the process you need to follow: