“We enrolled our 6 year old daughter Addison, in the Giving Back Camp in mid July 2018.  During that week of personal growth, her mother and I saw a more confident, outgoing young lady. Heading to camp that first day, she was in tears due to her shyness but when Friday came around and we reminded  her it was the last day of camp, she asked if it was ok if she could go back next year!  Luckily for her, we had already enrolled her in the Back-To-School camp later that month.  Her mother and I know she’ll be ready for the first day of school with her head up.  In her own words, one of the main factors she excelled and was comfortable was the fact it was all girls like her.  Keep up the great work and look forward to hearing about Addison’s new experiences." 

~ Jason & Leigh Hotle

 “I have spent the last serval minutes flipping through your Facebook page trying to understand what type of activities you all are doing in camp this week because I have noticed that it has had an incredible impact on Reyna every night this week. She has had such a positive demeanor every day when she gets home from camp and I have been amazed. She has been so sweet and patient with her 3 year old little sister especially during a trying week with my husband away for conference. She was so excited to show me her “filled cup” - not just to show me the compliments she received but also to share the compliments she gave to others. And she’s been telling me about all of the new friends she met this week in camp and how much she loves all of the activities. In case you ever wonder if the messages you teach them stick with them outside the classroom, I can assure you they do! I am so thankful we signed Reyna up for this and we will be sure to every chance we can. Introducing programs like this at such a young age are how we can combat bullying before it’s even a thought in children’s minds. And even if she does experience it at some point in her life, hopefully she will remember the tools you are giving her and not let them effect her confidence or feeling of self worth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

~ Alisha Ozmeral

"I feel very strongly about the impact that Girls With Confidence is having on my child and those that it reaches. My daughter had just finished kindergarten when she attended the “Girls Empowered” summer camp and she would lead our dinner conversations every night during her week of camp, telling us all about the empowering women and themes they were discussing each day-we had some really great conversations with her! On the last day of camp she cried in the parking lot when I picked her up because she was so sad it was over-she just loved it so much. She has since participated in a few of the workshop series’ and I often hear her echoing many things she has learned in those workshops-she is definitely gaining skills and confidence through her participation. Girls With Confidence offers a warm, welcoming, drama-free environment and it is changing the lives of the girls who participate by helping to arm them with the confidence they need to navigate in this world."

~ Amanda Parker

 “Ava really enjoyed the Girls with Heart session this week! I asked her later if she feels that she is able to talk and interact more with the other girls without feeling so shy. She indicated that she HAS developed more confidence and courage during the time she's been coming to Girls With Confidence. With over-assertive peers and bullying already starting in the first grade, I'm glad she's developed some tools to stand strong and do the right thing!"

~ Laura Talakkottur

More testimonials will be added soon...under construction.