Northern utah

We are excited to expand into a new area- Northern Utah.  Our Regional Director Rachel Mahoney will be leading our expansion. 

Rachel Mahoney is an amazing addition to our team of Regional Directors and will do great work running our programs in Northern Utah.

She has volunteered her time with multiple organizations including the Humane Society, The Single Parent Project and the Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning.

Rachel lives in Saratoga Springs with her daughter and two dogs. She is currently pursuing an associates degree in Accounting and works as an insurance claims adjuster. When she isn’t working she enjoys working out, hiking, sewing, and spending time with friends.

While reflecting on her life a couple years ago, she realized she was missing true self confidence and had been most of her life. In the absence of self love and confidence there were events in her life that she doesn’t want others to experience. Rachel wants to spend her time helping the youth build their confidence but quickly realized there were no options in the area. She comes to us energetic and excited to help girls increase their confidence, acknowledge their self worth and become better versions of themselves.

Over the next few months we will be solidifying host locations that will include community centers, churches and schools, we will also be making connections with parents to educate them on what we do and how we will help their girls gain important life skills and become confident and self-assured.

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