We are excited to have Danielle Anderson lead our expansion into Montana.  We are excited to have her join our team of Regional Directors. Danielle has a Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutrition, with a Dietetics Option from Montana State University. As a dietitian who follows an intuitive eating approach, she believes that true health comes from nurturing behaviors that enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing – not by following external food rules or the number on a scale.

She has worked as a Technician at Seattle Children’s hospital, in the school classrooms as a SNAP educator and with the Mukilteo School District’s food service management company. Danielle works part-time for Montana No Kid Hungry to find innovative ways to ensure all kids and families have access to healthy food.

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Her past experience in a children’s hospital exposed her to the damage that societal pressures, media, and diet culture can have on young girls and boys. As her and her friends’ children started school, she began hearing confidence and bullying issues become more prevalent. This led her to begin searching for a curriculum that would allow for a safe space for youth to build friendships, improve their confidence, cultivate self-love, and listen to their internal cues. This search led her to Girls With Confidence, and she is thrilled to begin her new journey with youth on important issues such as friendship, diversity, body image, and social media.