Covid-19 Guidelines

FALL 2020 SCHEDULE (RE:COVID-19- updated September 1, 2020)

Below are the guidelines & procedures we will continue to follow to keep your girls safe and healthy due to COVID-19. 

  • Check-in will take place outside our building to minimize the amount of people entering our center.
  • All participants and volunteers will have their temperatures taken upon arrival and before entering our center.  This is done with a non-contact forehead thermometer.
  • All participants and volunteers will be required to wash their hands or sanitize them upon entering our center and throughout their time with us.
  • Our center will follow the CDC sanitation guidelines for keeping our center clean, disinfected and sanitary throughout the day.
  • We will practice physical distancing throughout camp as best as we can. When it isn't possible, we will ask girls to wear their face masks. 
  • During craft time, playing outside, meal or snack time, girls will not be required to wear masks. However, If you would like your daughter to wear a mask, we will make sure she feels comfortable doing so and that others respect this decision. 
  • Participants will have their own caddy of supplies (markers, glue, scissors, etc.).  Depending on the craft, we may have some community supplies but will sanitize when appropriate.
  • We will conduct our pick-up with a car line. Your daughter will be walked to your car with all her belongings. We have a circle driveway that makes this convenient.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions.  We appreciate all your support.  Thank you.

Nancy Lemon- Founder/CEO, Girls With Confidence